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La Casa Amarilla is a cultural association, with the spirit of a startup, which works to promote art and culture in the city of Malaga. It was created in 2008 by David Burbano, with the help of José Luis Solís, Victor Alfonso and María Nela Roldán.

Like any project, it started in a garage, where we generate ideas and projects. Then we got a room on  Calderería street, and shortly after, we spread out to an entire apartment and then came a second apartment, still in the same building. For five years, we were growing there, with the collaboration of Luna Martini, Eva Casal and Miguel Arrabal, developing projects such as tourist and artistic exchanges, which at that time was quite pioneering.

In the last year of being in this space, Sara Sarabia entered to be part of the project, and participated in its growth. One of the biggest issues at the moment was that the space we had was small, and we wanted to have more visibility and develop more international projects.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2016, we moved to where we are right now, Calle Santos, 7. A larger space, with an access at the foot of the street and four plants dedicated to production, courses and workshops. In this new stage, the collaboration of Fabian Vroom, Noemi Carballo and Dan Cordero is fundamental.

The objectives of La Casa Amarilla are several, but above all, we want to get artists to become professional. That is, we want to help their visibility: make their works exposed and sold. We want to show that culture can be an economic engine in the city. Whether artists or the general public, Casa Amarilla is directed towards the whole world: we want to promote art and create a critical mass that is interested in it. We have already exhibited the works of more than thirty national and international artists, and we continue to associate ourselves with more and more artists.

We organize approximately one exhibition per month in our art gallery. There are several ways of exhibiting in the House: in the gallery, as an exhibition, in the window, which is a showcase open to the city, and in the store itself – where local products are available to the public and can to buy.

Nowadays, we collaborate with other cultural associations and spaces of artists throughout the world, who have the same objectives as we: cultural and artistic exchange and promotion. We work together with various agencies, nationally and internationally, that allow us to extend our field of action (Málaga City Council, Diputación de Granada, Marcelino Champagnat Foundation, HardingarT, FGUMA, etc.) and continue to develop new partners, but always maintaining our freedom and spirit.


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