Mister Kaikus

MISTER KAIKUS presents in La Casa Amarilla his Ventana Amarilla composed mainly of two collections:

The first is a sample of six pieces from the DONNE series. A collection of watercolors on paper of small format (18 x 24 cm) where sensuality and feminine forms are explored. An approach to the watercolor technique with the woman as the center of the formal and significant search.

The second is a series of four digital drawings that make up an interpretation of the Greek myth of EROS AND PSIQUE, which explains the birth of sexuality and carnal pleasures. The four protagonists of this myth [Eros (Cupid, responsible for sexual attraction), Psyche (the personification of the soul), Hedoné (representation of sexual desire) and Aphrodite (goddess of beauty and love)] are represented together with the symbols that characterize them.

The other two exhibits are FISHERMEN and EXODO, made in acrylic paint on wood. They are part of the IMAGINARY series.

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Mister Kaikus


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