Pablo Caro Revidiego – Inmersed in Exageration

Friday the 27th of April 2018, La Casa Amarilla and Antinoo Fine Art team up to present the exposition Inmersed in Exageration, of the artist Pablo Caro Revidiego. The inauguration will bbe Friday the 27th at 20:30h at Antinoo Fine Art, Callejones del Perchel, 2.

With this new sample of his work, Pablo Caro Revidiego presents a selection of works that seek permanent dialogue with those who observe, through a precious and elegant technique, but hiding in these drawings his feelings and more visceral and subjective experiences.

In his drawings, the artist offers us scenes that hide experiences and reflections that revolve mainly around security and violence. Violence that is present in the day to day and in every detail of the personal universe that surrounds each being as an individual. But we also find in his scenes transversal themes such as the passing of time and death, the conception of the world and the human being, the absence or excess of freedom, the family and the ego, memory … Always playing with possible peers and its opposites, seeking in these the break of the dualistic perspective, creating new surrealist contexts that are molded in the subjective eye of the spectator.

The author insists on reaching his audience through the entanglement of the line, in a nervous drawing and full of minimal details, which oblige the observer to approach and dive into their stories.

Illustrated stories that may perhaps seem only reinterpretations of the reality that surrounds us, but which aspire to create new intrinsic and poetic truths.

Hidden truths to the obvious, like the silence between the notes.

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Pablo Caro Revidiego

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