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Among the works that make up the permanent collection of the CAC of Malaga, “Pillar” by Anish Kapoor shines with its own light. Our first meeting was in 2014 and, as if it were a large metal magnet, it made me want to introduce myself to its tubular structure. However (and to my surprise), the original nature of the work was capped: DO NOT PASS. In case the intention of those responsible for the Center regarding the freedom of interaction of the visitor with the work was not clear, a new message, smaller, just a few centimeters insists us: Please do not pass.

LA FIESTA reflects on contemporary art and questions how it relates to the viewer, including the creators themselves and the collective that is generated around them. The series develops a metaphor from the remains of a consensual surprise, instructions of a rite that is in the collective imagination, injected directly from the popular tradition.

An act of exaltation where all the contestants know their role: the protagonist, the guests, the organizers … Everyone knows the code and respects it: “you look, but you do not touch”. In perfect synchrony, they enjoy what is foreign, each from their position.

Or they can unleash the different celebrations contained, caress the vestiges and contradict the norms of the celebration. Do not accept the role of the passive guest to become the center of LA FIESTA.

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Manu Jurado

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