Juanjo Fuentes – Instantáneas

In the United States Miniaturization Center, by means of a sophisticated technology, a submarine and its crew are reduced in size, so that they can travel inside the body of a person in a coma, reach their brain and eliminate a blood clot with lasers. This occurs in the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage, directed by Richard Fleisher. In Instantáneas Juanjo Fuentes -which dialogues with the history of art without prejudices or complexes and always with a smile on his lips- proposes a trip no less amazing and surely more fun among bodies exposed to his microscopic gaze in always exterior landscapes. A therapeutic walk that could perhaps, without the need for a laser, help to dissolve the odd clot. The miniatures of Juanjo Fuentes, plastic or lead figurines on pillboxes arranged as a base, are like photographs in relief, reproductions, with all their scenery, of imagined tableaux vivants. Snapshots that refer to stories, not only erotic, whose scripts, intuited, suspect, everyone can write. Surely Juanjo Fuentes would like to read them

Vicente Fernández González

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Juanjo Fuentes

Juanjo Fuentes


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