Cristina Savage: Tail-tales

Cartel de la exposicion

An empty chair offers a direct stimulus for the tired part of our personality. Sitting in an empty chair allows us to create an inner dialogue to put our emotions in order, clear the mind, catch our breath and get back on track.

Symbols of nobility, gods, kings, emperors and patriarchs of major lineages are traditionally represented in chairs, holding the ultimate power over those who still need to walk. However, for the rest of the mortals, chairs have been a place of work, of suffering, of struggle or of forgetfulness.

Work as punishment. Suffering as learning. The struggle as sustenance. Oblivion as death.
Whether weaving or ruling on a throne, the loneliness of the seated who wait is empty. An endless line of chairs in which the inner struggle does not stop.

Stripped of basic functionality as seat, Cristina Savage´s chairs talk about the permanence of time, the punishment as self-protection, contempt and deceit. Taking four women from different mythologies, who assumed the wait as tasks of wife, mother and lovers, condemning themselves to never know each other, as a reference.

In this her first individual show at La Casa Amarilla, Savage offers a series assembled from found objects – orphaned chairs – that the artist rescued from the grasps of the dump and adopted to transform into unique sculptural environments, re-baptized in iconic characters.

Roy Laguna

A special thanks to:
This show would not have been possible without the tireless help, collaboration and support of the Casa Amarilla team: Sara Sarabia, Mon Magan, Roy Laguna, David Burbano, Fabian Vroom, the Burbano family, Adrián Peralta Savage, Hugo Peralta Savage and last, but not least important, Javier Vegas Álvarez.

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Cristina Savage

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