We are Svaneti

Thursday September 1 at 20:30 inaugurating the exhibition WE ARE SVANETI “Life flows in Rural Caucasus” Rosa Vroom. It will be available to visit until September 19 in the regular schedule of the house.

A few words about the work and its author:

We are Svaneti “Life flows in Rural Caucasus” is a portrait of the livelihood-and the protest- of inhabitants of the Svaneti Region in Georgia. Hospitable as Georgians are known they let us into their houses through this exhibition and explained humbly what the mountains, forests, pastures and especially the rivers mean for their families and for the community. “That I can wake up my children at fresh air and in my yard, this is my luxury.”- answers Marina in an interview created to know her opinion about the Hydropower plant that will drag her husband’s ancestors’ graveyard. As Marina, hundreds of inhabitants from three different villages can only predict negative consequences from the construction of more than twenty hydropower plants: geologically, environmentally, socially, economically and culturally. They are still waiting for the transnational companies, financed by public funds, to answer one question: How does this affect to my livelihood?

My name is Rosa Vroom. I was born in a mountain village in Granada (Spain). I studied Journalism, Photography and Video in Seville, Barcelona and Amsterdam. I work as a freelance journalist, often with NGOs. Since I travelled in 2011 with a local NGO to the Himalayas, I have not missed any chance to learn from the values, culture, traditions and lives of remote areas.

More info about the project in  bankwatch.org


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