In and Out. Efraim OrtegaIn and Out. Efraim Ortega

Next thursday Jun, 16 we open the Efraim Ortega’s sculpture expo “In and Out” that can be visited to Jul, 19 in the habitual schedule of La Casa Amarilla.

To say that creativity is cleaning up vital experiences is to left art sincerity. The light part full of shadows which plot a work created by the hands and resolved in the imagination, whose roots are sinking, they finally are forking in the facts written by the artist’s history.

In Efraim Ortega’s exihibition, he is going to get out which is inside.  He goes deeply into his colorful and sometimes grey memories by means of blows and textures that scratch our look it manages to teach what nobody more that he can see. Because who somebody lived is imposible that anybody more can see through art. This is the changing experience of life in a tangible way. In wood, in steel, he is talking to us about his passion, about his home town and about his way out just to build a new place to live far away. Through his works we are going to feel every note of his experience. But not which happened out, otherwise  which one is going to occur inside, moulding our mind, digging those ideas in a day can dissapear and doing arise a new myself in our following steps.

In this way and with hands; he wears out, he guides us to going inside him, just for we can see him from outside. We can be witness, but never be dumb, about what he is, it is translated  in a tangible way by him.

Cartel_Efraim Ortega_LCA
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