Gema Casas – “7-14 del No Estado”

On Friday the 3rd of February at 20:30, La Casa Amarilla will present the exposition “7-14 del No Estado” by Gema Casas in the gallery of the Institute of Architects of Málaga. The exposition will be available to visit by appointment until February the 18th. To request a visit please write to lacasa@lacasa-amarilla.es or contact us by another means.

“7-14 del No Estado” is born as the consequence of an emotional instant induced by a strong motivation of the subconscious. A hypnotic state, relaxed and sleepy, half way between dream and reality. An altered state of conscience, with little brain activity, a trance in between vigil and dream, where reality completely takes over dreams. A suggestion of imagination itself to alter perception or behavior.

Far from being hallucinations they are real stories born of my professional experience, hours of work with patients, where a situation of abstraction and sensibility occurs that doesn’t make it clear if the situation is real or a reverie and where the patient tries to control his actions deliberately and without success, always to avoid facing reality.

The connection with his world, the shared emotional resonance translate to a moody wear, creating a world that is a fusion of photography and radiography as a different reality. Everything we present to our conscience that is accepted as valid is represented in an analysis about the only important thing in our existence: life.


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Gema Casas

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