Luca “Skawalker” Pedrelli

Luca Pedrelli, alias “Skawalker” was born on 11/25/1971. He lives in Parma, Italy, where he paints and draws, trying to capture a figurative world in which “music creates the image and the images have the form of sounds, and they deform, they bend, they become thinner “(G.Martini)

Francesco Porzio, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, wrote: “Luca Pedrelli / Skawalker creates with images an autonomous universe, parallel to the real world, but no less alive and coherent (which is something that belongs to artists). He has a technically and artistically mature creative world, despite his apparent naivety; much more consciously and humoristically dramatic than it may seem. ”

Yes, because there is no doubt that Skawalker, in the artistic act, enjoys and makes enjoy. But behind those strong dyes, that smile that he always manages to get out, in the apparent simplicity of his work hides a strong sign, a consolidated technique, a chromatic and compositional structure in which nothing is accidental.

With some street-artist, some illustrator and some dj, Pedrelli is the expression of an urban culture that seems somewhat crude but is actually very sophisticated, in which melancholy and irreverence coexist in harmony. His paintings seem taken from the eyes of a child, and yet it is enough to pay more attention to understand that they represent a universe only apparently distorted, whose demons and allusions have much to do with our day to day.

Skawalker began to exhibit his works in 1994 (“Mostra Spazzziale” with C. Franchini in Piacenza). In recent years he participated in different exhibitions among which we mentioned the collective “Eroticart” (Treviso-Bologna-Torino, 2007), “Innaturalismo” (Galleria Isarte, Milano 2009 and 2010), “Eat Me” (Palazzo Pigorini, Parma Abril 2010) ), “Snowflakes” (CSArt, Reggio Emilia, December 2010) and “Invite to Collezionismo” (Galleria La Fortezza, Gradisca d’Isonzo, December – January 2010-11). Among the personal ones we quote: “Paintings + Drawings” (Materia OFF, Parma, April 2008), Paintings “(literary café Baciccia, Piacenza, December 2008, January 2009),” Anni Zero “(Literary Café, Parma, February 2010), “Systema Solar”, (Stiletto, Parma, April-May 2011), “Dipingere Non Ci Salverà, Ma Aiuta” (Galleria Isarte, Milano, 2013), “Disegnare con Lentezza” (Galleria La Fortezza, Gradisca d’Isonzo, summer 2013) and “Fatto A Pezzi” (galleria Loppis, Parma, December 2014- January 2015). He also participates in the “Boulevart” project, which, through Edicta and Parma Town Hall, organizes open-air and local exhibitions from the city. A work of his appears in the catalog “Premio Celeste” 2008 and three illustrations were published in BelioMagazine (Barcelona) and La Luna di Traverso (Parma).

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