Ingeborg Blom Andersskog

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (b 1983, Norway) uses her body as a tool to explore time and space. Through different materials the action of making plays an important role in her work, where the dialogue between the material and her body -with their abilities and restrictions- work as a framework for her process driven practice. By using acrylic markers Andersskog wants to create a distance to nature.
Inspired by the philosophy of Slow Art, she makes rules that serve as limitations. This can also be seen as rituals. Through slowness she pushes her own patience and endurance to its limits.

Comparing our bodies with trees, Andersskog says that in the same manner a tree gets shaped by its surroundings, man is shaped by experiences. The tree is a being that memorializes all its stories in its own form, and in the same way our bodies can be considered the sum of the experiences in our lives. Through protracted drawing-performances with the repetition of simple lines, every movement affects the embodiment of the work. The large-scale drawing gives the audience a bodily understanding of the work.

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