Giuseppe Latella

Giuseppe Latella, a doctor by profession, has been in love with beauty all his life. Art, for him, is just another type of therapy, different from that of hospitals and ambulatory but equally effective at a spiritual level. An extremely essential and essential means of expression, it is the vehicle of a happiness that is produced for him almost instantaneously in the very act of painting and which the viewer perceives with the same intensity and simplicity when he looks at his works.

Latella expresses his own inner universe in signs, compositional equilibria and in pictorial stratifications, in which objects, faces and inspirations that arrive from the market and from the present time, both in their broadest sense and in the more practical day to day.

His artistic journey proceeds in stages and is presented in constant evolution, but always retaining the gesture and the compositional balance between its essential features.

Born in the south of Italy, Latella is today the President of the cultural association Gradisc’Arte that, along with 4 other partners, led him to give life to the Art Gallery La Fortezza de Gradisca d’Isonzo (Italy). Collector and passionate of art, he has presented his works in collective and personal in Italy, getting good reviews from both the public and professionals. One of his works, dedicated to the former President of the United States, Barak Obama, is in The White House.

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