Betty Bundy


Her artistic work always starts from a base of intercommunication between different techniques and disciplines that feed each other, creating mixed languages ​​with which she expresses an intimate and universal universe. He shies away from temporary fashions and empty concepts, giving priority in her work to honesty and authenticity, with the emotional load and the logical evolution that these principles entail.

She studied at the San Telmo School of Art and Design (Malaga 2005), specializing in the branch of Interior Design; a subject that she has developed parallel to her work as an artist, both disciplines enriching each other within her work. Her creative restlessness has led her to research, study and experiment in fields as diverse as painting, set design, collage, installation, graffiti, ceramics or video-creation, both from self-learning and from experience with teachers Of different specialties. Of all of them, it is the illegitimacy of the basic discipline that has remained deep in all of her creative trajectory.

In the year 2000 she participated in her first collective exhibition after receiving the mention of honor in the contest “Mujer Pintora Malagueña”. Since that year she has carried out more than twenty individual and collective exhibitions, and collaborated with numerous artists, publications, galleries, museums, organizations and agencies in multidisciplinary projects. She has taught handicraft workshops, creative development, window dressing and visual merchandising, and participated in public and private events as a designer, decorator, muralist and illustrator. From 2013 she combines her individual career with her work within the multidisciplinary collective Fieras de Versalles, together with the artists Estefanía Muñoz and Paloma Peñarrubia.

She is currently developing a personal project about illustration and creation of objects, and collaborates with the communication agency Doctor Watson indesign and window dressing projects.

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