Twin cities Málaga-Passau

This project is the result of the twinning between the two cities of Málaga and Passau, and the institutional collaboration of their respective councils.

La Casa Amarilla has been collaborating for 4 years on this project, directed by Veronica Romero, on the Spanish side, and Dr Klaus Dirscherl (president of the Hispanic-German association) and Hubert Huber (President of BBK artists of the Lower Babiera) on the German side.

More than 40 artists have participated in the cultural exchanges between the two cities, which consist of a period of residence, ending up with an exhibition of the projects that have been worked upon. The place of residence alternates each year between Passau and Malaga.

Artists are invited by the international coordination to participate in the project, after an open call for local artists from both Malaga and Passau. As collaborators La Casa Amarilla can present the work that artists send us.

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